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Bassett Lowke Vortex Tractional Tank Steam Punk Brick Model 402 Bricks Bassett Lowke Vortex Tractional Tank Steam Punk Brick Model 402 Bricks
In stock
Vortex Tractional Tank Steam Punk Model 402 Bricks Product Info: Calvert of Great Yarmouth are at the forefront development of tracked vehicles. The Mark IV all-purpose Vortex Tractional Tank can carry a large cargo, typically tea over practically any terrain. It is often used to tow enormous land trains long distances.
Cobi B-17 Memphis Belle Heavy Bomber 920 Bricks Cobi B-17 Memphis Belle Heavy Bomber 920 Bricks
In stock
B-17 'Memphis Belle' Heavy Bomber The B-17 Four-engined heavy bomber (or 'Flying Fortress') was developed in the 1930s by Boeing. Introduced in 1938, it became the third-most produced bomber of all time. It was a fast, high-flying, long-range bomber with heavy defensive armament and was used mainly on daytime sorties by USAAF over Germany and also complemented RAF Bomber Command's nighttime raids…
Cobi HMS Warspite Battleship 1515 Bricks Cobi HMS Warspite Battleship 1515 Bricks
In stock
HMS Warspite Battleship 1515 Bricks Queen Elizabeth class battleship of the Royal Navy built in the first decade of the 20th Century. When she was built, using oil rather than coal as a fuel and fitted with 15 inch guns, she was one of a breed of new 'fast battleships' which were highly successful during the First World War. She served in both world wars all over the world. In World War I she was…
Hornby R3891 GNER Class 91 Bo-Bo 91118 Hornby R3891 GNER Class 91 Bo-Bo 91118 "The Fusillers"
In stock
R3891 GNER Class 91 Bo-Bo 91118 "The Fusillers" ERA 11 Product Info: 91118 entered traffic in August 1990 carrying the number 91018 and in November 1993 was named 'Robert Louis Stevenson', which it carried until May 1997. Between February 2000 and February 2009, the locomotive carried the name 'Bradford Film Festival', receiving the Project Delta Class 91/1 upgrade in November 2002. On 27 March 20…
Hornby R3893 GNER Class 91 Bo-Bo 91117 Hornby R3893 GNER Class 91 Bo-Bo 91117 "Cancer Research UK"
In stock
R3893 GNER Class 91 Bo-Bo 91117 "Cancer Research UK" ERA 10 Product Info: 91117 entered traffic during July 1990 as 91017, carrying the name 'The Commonwealth Institute' during BR Intercity service between July 1993 and November 1996 when the locomotive became part of Great North Eastern Railway's fleet at privatization. In an unpopular move with both staff and enthusiasts alike, GNER decided to a…
Hornby R3899 BR Class 08 0-6-0 08715 Era 8 Hornby R3899 BR Class 08 0-6-0 08715 Era 8
In stock
Hornby R3899 BR Class08 0-6-0 08715 Era 8 Product Info: The Class 08, 0-6-0 diesel electric shunter which was based on the prototype LMS designs, became British Railways' largest fleet of locomotives. These locomotives were constructed between 1953 and 1962 at Crewe, Darlington, Derby and Doncaster. The class, which includes a number of Class 09 locomotives, has a single cab at the No.1 end and a…
Hornby R3900 GWR Class 08 0-6-0 D8645 St. Piran - Era 8 Hornby R3900 GWR Class 08 0-6-0 D8645 St. Piran - Era 8
In stock
Hornby R3900 GWR Class 08 0-6-0 D8645 St. Piran - Era 8 Product Info: Built at Horwich Works, D3812 entered traffic on 13 February 1959 allocated to Newport Pill and the locomotive was to remain in Wales, albeit allocated to different depots until the closure of Landore in December 2018. During this period, air brakes were fitted to D3812 in October 1971 and in March 1974, the locomotive was renum…
Kato/Peco FFestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway Small England Kato/Peco FFestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway Small England "Prince" Maroon
In stock
051-201A Kato Peco Small England Locomotive "Prince" - Maroon   Narrow gauge ready-to-run locomotive - OO-9, 1:76 scale, 9mm gauge track; Available as two versions: "Prince" and "Princess" in lined maroon livery; Separate locomotive chassis also available - supplied with detachable unpainted body moulding for protection; DC (analogue) coreless motor fitted within loco body giving smooth and reliab…
Keil Kraft Gipsy 40 Keil Kraft Gipsy 40" Rubber Powered Duration Model Kit
In stock
Keil Kraft Gipsy 40" Rubber Powered Duration Balsa Model Kit Designed by Bill Dean, the Keil Kraft Gipsy is the biggest model in the Keil Kraft duration range thanks to the massive 40” wingspan! This impressively large model is no more tricky to build than the other models in the range thanks to the use of similar construction techniques throughout. The bigger size produces a model that is better…
Sexy Lady by Amati Sexy Lady by Amati
In stock
Classic Speedboat 'Sexy Lady' For Radio Control by Amati Radio Control Speedboat: Classic speedboat 'Sexy Lady'. This lovely new kit by Amati has been specifically designed for radio control. Fibre glass hull, pre-built cabin, artificial leather seats. Chromed windscreen surround with acetate sheet for the windscreen. Complete set of chrome plated fittings. Three extra items are required before sa…
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Welcome to Stockton Modeller

Stockton Modeller is one of the north of England's leading model shops based in North Yorkshire at 8 Three Tuns Wynd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough,TS9 5DQ. It's been trading for over 35 years so we know what we're talking about. It's a one stop model shop selling radio controlled planes, electric cars, electric boats, as well as model railways (OO and N gauge) dolls house products, wooden model ship kits and a huge range of modelling accessories for all these product ranges.

Major brand names include Airfix, Revell, Dragon, Trumpeter and Tamiya plastic kits, with paints from Humbrol, Revell, and Tamiya. Electric cars from Tamiya, Corally and FTX. Planes from, FMS. Model ship kits from Panart, Mantua, Corel, Sergal, Amati and Artesania with tools and accessories in support.

In model railways, we stock Hornby, Bachmann, Graham Farish, Vitrains, Dapol and also have a second hand section. We can buy your old railway stock or offer a part exchange service. Accessories include Metcalfe, Peco, Parkside Dundas, Wills, Kestrel, Javis, and Gaugemaster ranges.

A wide variety of woods is stocked such as balsa, spruce, obechi, walnut, mahognay and lime in various profiles such as strip, dowel, leading edge, trailing edge, in 3 , 4 and sometimes 6 inch sheets, as well as sheet plywood. Piano wire, aluminium and brass profiles and sheets of many lengths and sizes are also available as well as plastic profiles by Plastruct.

"I want some glue" is what many customer ask but glues aren't simple. We always try to establish what the customer is sticking before we try to find a glue suitable. There are superglues (cyanoacrylates) of varying viscosities, as well as Epoxy glues with different setting times, odourless glues, canopy glues, wood glues, waterproof glues, aliphatic resin glues. So, what did you say you were sticking? We sell Zap, Humbrol, BSI Epoxy, PVA Wood Glue, to name but a few.

Whatever type of model you are using, you will need tools and accessories. We have whole walls covered in spares and accessories for planes including, Deluxe Materials, J Perkins, Dubro, Etronix, Ripmax, Radio Active and SLEC with fuels by Model Technics . Car spares by FTX.

Modelling is a bit of a man thing, but we cater for the ladies too in dolls house and craft products. We do accessories by Hobby's including doors, windows, wallpapers, and carpets. 

"It just stopped" is a familiar complaint when a customer brings a model train to us but we have a repair service for OO and N gauge and wherever possible we get them going again. If the train is too far gone, we will tell you before spending money on a lost cause. We are a Hornby authorized Service agent. 

If you don't know what to buy someone as a gift, we can offer suggestions based on the age and ability of the person concerned but if that fails we can offer gift vouchers in various denominations for them to come in and choose themselves.

Our ultimate aim is to be able to say YES to everyone who contacts us and says "Have you got?" and very often we can. But our space is limited even though its packed from floor to ceiling with stock, and if we haven't got something we will try and get it for you or advise where you can get it.

Between our staff members we have years of experience and this is freely offered to all our customers whether you choose to contact us in person, by telephone, by email, via Ebay , via Amazon or social media. Our shop is at 8 Three Tuns Wynd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire TS9 5DQ. Our phone number is 01642 616680 and we are open from 10 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Saturday. We trade on Ebay as Stockton-Modeller, and Amazon as Stockton Modeller, our website is and our email address is

Whatever type of modelling you choose we're here to help. We're ready - so what's the question?


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